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that is a free oculus game

Tales Of Tsynara



Become the wizard you always wanted to be. Explore the corrupted Fire plane controlled by evil mage Aldern's lords and dragons. 

An original approach for playing a mage character like no other. Fly for exploring, cast spells for eliminating. You will feel the true nature of the fire plane and lose track of reality.

Enter the plane and feel the real mayhem in it.

A B O U T   T S Y N A R A

As Beren Studio, in this chapter where we have begun to narrate  Tale of Tsynara, we would like to shape the story together with all of you.

Please share with us what you would like to see in Tale Of  Tsynara.

The first 10,000 players who  play  Tale's of Tsynara Part 1 and leave a review to Oculus Store will be granted free access to all the upcoming episodes of Tsynara.

After play the game, and leave a review to  Oculus Store, please fill out the form below to join our mailing list.


Oculus Quest 2 game.


free oculus game
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